David M. Schwarz Architects (DMSAS) is a design firm that sees architecture as both a service and an art. The central tenet of our work is crafting sustainable, human-centered places in stewardship of our  public realm; it is a philosophy we have studied and developed through our planning and design projects in urban environs since our founding. We established DMSAS in 1978 in Washington, DC, which is still the location of our sole design studio. The firm employs an architectural staff of 35.

Our earliest work was focused within the numerous historic districts of Washington, DC, and many of our core beliefs are a direct outgrowth of this experience.  We learned early on how buildings relate and positively contribute to their surroundings, and the defining role architecture can play in creating memorable institutions and truly sustainable neighborhoods that foster a genuine sense of humanity, community and common purpose. 
In architecture as well as planning, the firm believes in designing places for people through careful attention to questions of scale, materials, and detail, while remaining consistent with the needs of the client, the inherent nature of the site, and appropriate architectural themes.

Our firm has developed significant experience on a broad and diverse body of project types including civic, institutional, cultural, commercial, residential, educational, sports, healthcare, and planning projects.  We enjoy the challenges and unique issues each project type presents and we believe good design transcends typology. We are committed to creating singularly unique solutions for each of our projects; a commitment that we believe provides significant value to the process and, ultimately, to our clients.

Most of our firm’s recent and current work is designed to meet LEED standards. More importantly, however, our firm is, and always has been, a strong proponent of creating buildings that utilize our earth’s resources wisely, both in terms of construction and life-cycle costs.  While new technologies and processes continue to improve our ability to make buildings ever more sustainable, we believe that the greatest contribution we can make toward preserving our resources is to create buildings that people fall in love with, care for and re-use for generations.