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B2B2C Solutions is a one-stop service provider that works with retail stores to improve the in-store shopping experience. From shelving systems and analytics solutions to virtual reality capabilities, our approach to retail solutions is holistic and looks at the store as a whole to give it the capabilities needed to position it better for the future.

B2B2C Solutions works on retail store estimation, design implementation, fabrication and production of shelves, and integration of AI and IoT systems within the store. Our complete approach to retail means that we give you a range of design capabilities and ensure that what you choose is what is delivered. The sleek shelves with embedded LED lighting improve the outlook of stores and ensure that products get primary attention, while the modularity of the shelves allows for greater choices in deciding the layout of the store.

We go beyond improving design and integrate the physical aspects of the store with digital elements. The interactive displays on shelves provide customers with an engaging experience while allowing for changes to product information to be quicker and easier. We give stores the capabilities to collect data that was earlier not obtainable by them and to use that data for a variety of purposes from making better business decisions to helping secure the store. Our VR capabilities give stores the opportunity to free up store-space and use it according to their needs and showcase their products to customers in a new and enjoyable manner.

With a team possessing a combined experience of decades in the retail and technology industries, we help in reinventing the retail store to bring the virtual and digital worlds together and ensuring that the store is the best in class in both form and function.