DesignDC: Bringing the Housing Crisis Home

The DC government’s 2019 Housing Initiative set forth a goal of building 36,000 housing units by 2025, a third of which are to be affordable to households earning 80% below Median Family Income. This Order directs District agencies to investigate and implement a variety of approaches to accelerate the design, construction, adaptation, and creation of housing across the city—all while considering the needs of families, an aging population, and other residents with special needs.

Progress toward meeting this goal is well underway, and architects play a significant role in bringing these targets to fruition in a way that best serves people and communities in our city’s built environment.

DesignDC’s Fall conference will focus on the designer’s role, and expertise, in solving DC’s housing crisis. Priority will be given to proposals that address:

  • New and innovative technology and materials used for designing and constructing housing
  • Integration of different housing typologies in neighborhoods across the city, including historic districts
  • Adaptive use and conversions of existing buildings into housing
  • Placemaking and planning to ensure housing is attractive and available to all residents of the city, with equal access to amenities and services
  • Policy and design recommendations through case studies that illustrate solutions yet to become commonplace in the DC housing market

DesignDC is a hybrid experience for our members and design professionals throughout the region. Over two days of content, we will host a featured keynote speaker and a reception, followed by a day of virtual education with industry experts.

Session details are forthcoming.

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