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The Unbuilt Washington Awards bridge the academic and professional
communities by providing a forum for recognizing the contributions
of both younger and established practitioners alike.

Since 2009, AIA|DC has conducted an annual competition that recognizes excellence in both theoretical and unbuilt commissioned projects. Open to registered architects, associate architects, landscape architects, planners, interior designers, and students from the Washington metropolitan region, the competition typically yields unique, innovative, and thought-provoking concepts from around the globe.

The difference between theoretical and unbuilt commissioned projects is simple: theoretical projects refer to exploratory work without a client such as design competitions, hypothetical or research-oriented assignments, and student work; unbuilt commissioned projects refer to unexecuted work or work that is not yet constructed in project types such as buildings, interiors, monuments and memorials, planning, public art, public space, transportation infrastructure, and urban design.

Award of Excellence

Treasure Hunt 650

Treasure Hunt: Approach and Anticipation at Observatory

Yueming Lin, University of Virginia


Unbuilt Awards

Continuities 650

Continuities: The Columbia Air Center Interpretive Center

Juanita Li, University of Maryland School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation

Floating City 650

Floating City: A Pattern for Future Settlement on Water

Yueming Lin, University of Virginia

Green Convergence 650

Green Convergence: Resilient Corridor for Jaipur

Chaoming Li, University of Virginia

Prototyping 650

Prototyping Hybrid Infrastructures: Networked Flood Mitigation for Norfolk, Virginia

Luis Medina and Yingxu Fan, University of Virginia

Virginia Tech 650

Virginia Tech Innovation Campus Academic Building 1


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