2022 Chapter Design Award Winners


Ray Huff, FAIA 
Joshua Aidlin, FAIA, San Francisco, CA     
Jason Forney, FAIA, Boston, MA    
Deborah Berke, FAIA, New York, NY       
Patricia Rhee, FAIA, Los Angeles, CA         

Outline of Awards Program:

The awards program is divided into four categories. A project can be entered in ONLY ONE category. Submission guidelines for each category are similar but not the same. The 2022 Chapter Awards Program categories are:

Architecture The most general category, encompassing entirely new structures, most additions, and projects involving significant changes to existing buildings.

Interior Architecture Projects primarily involving the design of interior spaces.

Historic Resources Pure preservation or restoration, adaptive reuse of existing structures whose overall architectural character is maintained, sympathetic additions to historic structures, and replication or re-construction of damaged or destroyed structures or element thereof. 

Urban Design/Master Planning Urban design projects, planning projects, municipal master plans, civic improvements, civic design, private development plans, campus plans, environmental programs, redevelopment projects, transportation plans that have a significant urban design or master planning component

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