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The Design + Wellbeing Committee seeks to promote awareness of public health challenges and built environment solutions; convey design strategies to improve human health and wellbeing; and champion the role architects, designers, builders, communities and other industry leaders play in the improvement of health.

Mission:  Improve human health and wellness through the design of the built environment.


Follow and promote AIA National Design and Health initiatives by providing state level awareness and knowledge base resources to local members and other chapter committees.

The committee seeks to promote awareness of public health challenges and built environment solutions, convey design strategies to obtain healthy outcomes, and champion the role architects can play in the improvement of health. DWB follows the six evidence-based approaches designer can use to promote health and wellbeing published by AIA National.


Reducing accidental injury and crime to remove impediments to physical activity and alleviate anxiety and stress.

Social Connectedness

Strengthening personal and professional relationships and encouraging behaviors like civic participation to increase happiness and ensure communities function more effectively.

Environmental Quality

Preventing, mitigating and reversing chemical and microbial pollutants that harm public health.

Sensory Environments

Diversifying the touch, smell and acoustics of an environment to promote safety, improve physical, mental and emotional well-being and enhance quality of life.

Physical Activity

Encouraging exercise, recreation and other daily activities that lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and other health problems.

Access to Natural Systems

Utilizing natural forms, diverse species and existing ecosystems that relieve stress, accelerate recuperation, encourage healthy eating and promote physical and social activity.

Meetings & Events

Please see the AIADC calendar for the Design + Wellbeing Committee's meetings and other events.