AIA|DC’s Advocacy Committee is focused on three areas of interest: representing members in professional matters within our local community; interfacing with AIA National’s advocacy agenda; and understanding how architects can contribute to quality of life issues in our city.

  • Continue to expand and strengthen relationships with local groups, including local and national regulatory agencies, other professional associations and community organizations.
  • To foster active communication between, and networking among, the AIA|DC Chapter Committees to more efficiently advocate for both common and committee-specific goals.
  • Continue and sustain a series of legacy programs (ANC|Office of Planning education, DC Zoning Initiatives, etc.)
  • Continue to develop an electronic platform for monitoring issues of professional interest and getting the word out to our membership and the communities that we serve; to further develop our growing relationship with AIA Federal Relations Office.
Meetings & Events

ANC Workshop:
The goal of this event is to give ANC members a forum in which to gain a deeper understanding of the ways that OP and DCOZ create a framework for shaping the world around them and a chance to ask questions regarding issues specific to their Ward. ANC members and participating architects may develop their own hypothetical project within a series of program constraints. The purpose of this program is to talk about priorities, tradeoffs, and the decisions that communities, developers and designers must make.

DCOP + AIADC Design Forum:
Continue our discussions with the Office of Planning regarding the upcoming Design Forum: “Designing for the Inclusive City”. The focus of the seminar will be a summary presentation of our discussions with OP staff regarding the Comprehensive Plan, promotion for high(er) quality design, public places/spaces, redesign of streets to promote a more active life.

Issues in Advocacy :: Case Studies of Advocacy in Action (3):
These are quarterly presentations/discussions hosted by the Advocacy Committee. We will use proposed legislation, land development and other public initiatives to explore the roles that architects and advocacy can play in shaping the world around us.

“The Citizen Architect” :: How Architects and Architecture Reflect and Impact Culture (3):
A select group of speakers will be invited to present and discuss how their practice of architecture and their public roles have affected the profession and the city.


How Architects Can Become Advocates for Livable Communities

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