Statement from the AIA|DC Board on Social Inequality

Today, the world faces a moment of global convulsion coupled with deep uncertainty as a result of racial tension across our cities and neighborhoods. The latest unjust killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery at the hands of law enforcement and vigilante citizens have stoked impassioned cries for justice and equity from every corner of our society.

AIA|DC supports the rights of all Americans to protest injustice, the right to be heard in and out of any private or public forum, and the manifestation of equality in all aspects of our society. As advocates for equality and equity, we stand with our partners at NOMA, our minority AIA members, our minority partners, our clients, and most especially the great DC community that we serve and are proud to be a part of.  

Our country is at a critical historical crossroads, one that includes the stain of racial injustice and inequity.  As stewards of the built environment and members of the design community, we all have a moral duty to create and promote concrete ideals of a normative just and inclusive society.

To our beloved community, we hear your wounded voices, we feel your courageous passion and we will stand with you, arm-in-arm to create a just and equitable society for us all.


Robert L. Holzbach, AIA - President
Kristopher Takács, AIA - Vice President/President-Elect
Douglas Palladino, AIA - Treasurer
Yiselle Santos, AIA - Secretary
Marc Fairbrother, AIA - Past President
Mide Akinsade, AIA
Cristina Bump, AIA
John Crump, AIA
Ellen Hatton, AIA
Ania Leeson, AIA
Chris McCabe, AIA
Chris Murray, AIA
Alison Pavilonis, AIA
Ronald Schneck, AIA
Kevin Storm, AIA
Will Teass, AIA
Catriona Winter, Assoc. AIA
Mary Fitch, AICP, Hon. AIA - Executive Director