Reception - On the Verge of Bizarre: Extraordinary Art by Vlad Zabavskiy

  • Date

    Tuesday, September 26 2017

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Join us at the District Architecture Center for the opening reception of On the Verge of Bizarre: Extraordinary Art by Vlad Zabavskiy.

As the exhibition title suggests, Zabavskiy’s paintings are indeed bizarre and extraordinary. Zabavskiy uses a rich palette of colorful oils, including gold leaf, coupled with crackling and layered effects that produce vivid and compelling images. Lines, planes, and shapes are all visible, making an otherwise two-dimensional canvas seem anything but. To his surprise, Vlad discovered a unique three-dimensional quality to his paintings: polarized 3D glasses greatly enhance the painting’s depth of field.

In his most recent paintings, Zabavskiy explores the transition between realism and abstraction. Using algorithms to produce variations in generative design software, such as Processing, Fragmentarium, Structure Synth, and NodeBox, each painting is based on manipulated parameters that create an alternative picture. The results are playful, architectonic expressions that appear almost otherworldly—Cubist-like but not Cubist inspired.

This exhibition is on view through Friday, November 17, 2017.