Using the Bridge in Your Practice

Last March, the Chapter unveiled an improved project delivery method that anyone can use.
The Bridge empowers everyone in the process:

  • It empowers the owner with an abundance of information
  • It empowers the architect with important metrics that will move the project along
  • It empowers the contractor to give an accurate price, early in the process
  • And it empowers review agencies with complete plans that can be reviewed more easily

Depending on their level of experience, a client may have very little idea of what to expect from the design process. The Bridge has three components that can help bring them quickly up to speed:

  • The delivery package explains what the client will receive at the end of each phase of work. Is it a drawing? Is it a detailed set of specifications? That will all be described here.
  • The project program and budget component describes what you want to build and the resources available. This section will discuss the scope and budget of the project in clear terms, without any jargon.
  • The project timeline is a comprehensive calendar with key milestones and delivery dates–agreed to ahead of time, so everyone understands when a decision needs to be made, who makes that decision, and what the cost implications are of missing that target date.

All these elements are prepared at the beginning of the project, so the client knows what to expect and can make informed decisions in a timely manner. But how does one get started on what might look like a time-consuming effort? 

Join Nick Corcoran, AIA of CallisonRTKL to learn how to use each of these documents in a way that will make your work easier, granting you control of the project.

After attending this course, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss common issues related to the design and build process, including lack of transparency and communication between stakeholders;
  • Explain the importance of managing client expectations while ensuring successful project execution;
  • Explore key components of the Bridge and how to use them in their practice; and
  • Examine how initiatives such as the Bridge offer new approaches to project management and how this can inform the future of architecture and design processes.