Architecture Month 2018: Poster Competition Deadline

  • Date

    Friday, January 5 2018

  • Time


  • Location

    Online Submission

Architecture Month 2018 will feature behind the scenes tours, interactive lectures, and exclusive parties throughout Washington, DC. These public events will shine a spotlight on Washington's design culture for architecture enthusiasts of all ages.

Architecture Month celebrates architecture with events that will be of interest to DC residents, visitors, architectural enthusiasts, and children. In addition to sponsoring these events, it also provides continuing education credits for design professionals.

For the third year, the District Architecture Center is sponsoring a poster competition and will select a winning poster design to promote Architecture Month. The winning design will be used as a common visual link for all activities and the AIA|DC Newsletter, Newsflash, and social media will feature the poster.

The theme of Architecture Month 2018 will be the 50th Anniversary of the myriad historical events that (re)shaped the city in 1968. Special consideration will be given to designs that embrace that theme.

See our 2017 winner and submissions.

Criteria + How to Enter

Eligibility: Open to All.


    1.      One poster that can be reproduced at a variety of sizes. Posters will be juried in an 11” x 17”  hardcopy format.

    2.      The design should graphically pleasing and communicate Architecture and DC.

    3.      Technical Criteria:

            a. 11” × 17” PDF (300dpi with digital file 5MB or less) with 1/4” margin around edge that does not have text/important graphic within it (unless desired that text may be cut off, or is intentionally cut off). Layout orientation may be landscape or portrait.

            b. Design is full-bleed, provide 11.25” × 17.25” document with color/image extending to this size (no important information outside of 10.75” × 16.75”)

            c. Must include the DAC logo (download logo here: JPG or PNG), a banner (top, bottom or side) with the text: “April is Architecture Month” and "," and space to add sponsor information.

            d. Any additional text used in the design must be presented in English.

            e. Poster images must include original works.  Graphics, photographs, and artwork not produced by the entrant(s) must be authorized for use on the poster (documentation of authorization must accompany your submission) and credits to the original source must be included on the poster as post-script text.

            f. The design should be accompanied by a statement that includes name and contact information of the designer (individual or teams), and or the Firm and /or Component Organization; and a maximum 100 words that communicates the designer’s interpretation of Architecture Month.

     4.     Judging criteria – Clarity and significance of message, effectiveness of attracting attention, and artistic merit. The Jury reserves the right to request the winner make minor adjustments to the design prior to printing of the poster.

     5.     Agreement – All entries become the property of the AIA|DC and all rights to reproduce belong to the AIA|DC.

     6.     Submissions must be emailed to Katie Spencer as a pdf file, and must be received by AIA|DC no later than January 5th, 2018. 

     7.     The winner will be announced in January. The winning submission will be provided in to all AIA|DC AW components and allied and affiliate organizations for distribution to their members and the public. The Jury may also select a runner-up, whose submissions may also be made available to the AIA|DC membership in digital format.

     8.     The winning submission winner will be noted in the AIA|DC Newsletter, newsflash, social media, and will be invited and recognized at an Architecture Month event. 

For more information, please contact Katie Spencer, Programs Director.