4x4=16 | South American Women in Architecture - Peru

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Join AIA|DC's Design Excellence Committee for a film screening and panel discussion highlighting the profound contributions of South American women architects in the world of creativity, design, and diversity.

This program is part of a 4-part series showcasing 4 countries: Argentina, Peru, Brazil and Chile. Each session will include 4 panelists from the represented country that will share their work.

The series explore representation of diverse typologies of unseen architecture in South American countries—including the agricultural pampas; the desert pacific beaches; and the Amazon jungle. All seen from the eyes of local women architects.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover how architects along the Pacific coast of South America use concrete as a material to relate to ideas of well-being; through the exploration of texture, light, space and reflection.
  • Illustrate the design of modular social habitat and the implementation of public policies in rural Peru, and how these relate to education, health, and urban developments.
  • Discuss the overall view of women in the design and construction business in South America, and how they are dedicated to activities related to the profession and gender, in order to reduce inequalities and the creation of Just Cities.
  • Identify the challenges of settlement relocation and the design of Self Sustainable Cities in the Amazon rainforest.

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Architect Elizabeth Añaños Vega

Arquitecta Elizabeth Añaños Vega graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. She is a Public Manager specializing in the design and implementation of public policies and local strategies regarding education, health, construction, housing and urban planning.

Arquitecta Añaños has been the Vice Minister of Housing and Urbanism of Peru, where she led the National Housing and Urbanism Policy by 2030 and the Sustainable Urban Development Law, approved in 2021. She was an advisor to the Ministerial Office of the Ministry of Economy and Finance in public investment projects focused on rural contexts. Between 2018 and 2019 she was Executive Director of the National Education Program of Peru, where she designed and executed strategies to reduce the educational gap at the national level.

Between 2015 and 2017, from the Ministry of Education, she led the design of prefabricated modular systems and alternative solutions for access to basic services in schools in emergency and rural areas in Peru, obtaining various awards for the "Plan Selva" project. In 2016 she obtained the National Architecture Award from the College of Architects of Peru, the "Social Habitat and Development" Award at the XX Quito Architecture Biennial (2016), finalist at the XI Ibero-American Architecture Biennial (2016) and received a Special Jury Mention at the XV Venice Architecture Biennale (2016).

Arquitecta Añaños has obtained various national and international recognitions, awarded for the Santa Elena de Piedritas School project at the Ibero-American Architecture Biennial (Rosario, 2014) and nominated for the Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize - MCHAP for Emerging Architecture (2016).

Architect Sandra Barclay

Arquitecta Sandra Barclay was educated as an architect in Lima and Paris. She obtained her Master’s degree in Landscape and Territory at the Universidad Diego Portales, Chile; and received the Doctor Honoris Causa degree from the University of Piura, Peru.

Arquitecta Barclay co-founded Barclay & Crousse Architecture in Paris, in 1994 and then established the studio in Lima in 2006. The practice has been awarded the Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize 2018, the Oscar Niemeyer Prize 2016, the Peruvian National Prize of Architecture in 2014 and 2018, and the Latin America Prize 2013, given by the International Committee of Architectural Critics (CICA), among other international prizes. Her work has been published worldwide and was part of the main exhibition at the 16th Venice Biennale, 2018.

Arquitecta Barclay’s academic experience includes a 16-year tenure as Associate Professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru; visiting professor at Yale School of Architecture; at University of Virginia; and at Harvard GSD.

Arquitecta Barclay has received the 2018 Woman in Architecture Award from the London-based Architects’ Journal and Architectural Review. She has also been a member of the jury for the 17th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale 2021, and for the 6th International Lafarge Holcim Awards, 2020.

She is an Honorary Fellow of the American Institute of Architects and a foreign member of the French Académie d’Architecture. Sandra was co-curator, along with Jean Pierre Crousse, of the Peruvian Pavilion at the 15th Venice Biennale, 2016, which obtained the Jury’s Special Mention. She is also a Jury Chair of the Cycle 4 MCHAP (2022).

Architect Belén Desmaison

Arquitecta Belén Desmaison is an architect and urban designer. Her interests include settlement relocation, socially and environmentally just urban practices, social housing, planning, and urban design in the global South.

She currently teaches and conducts research at the Pontifical Universidad Católica del Perú. Arquitecta Desmaison is the coordinator of CASA (Ciudades Auto-Sostenibles Amazónicas) (Self-Sustainable Cities in the Amazon), an action-research project that explores settlement relocation in the Amazon Rainforest. Additionally, she is the Latin America and the Caribbean Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator of GRRIPP (Gender Responsive Resilience and Intersectionality in Policy and Practice), a research project that focuses on resilience with a special emphasis on gender responsive infrastructure, which seeks to understand and enhance people’s resilience to shock, and support the development of more sustainable infrastructure in all its diverse forms.

Arquitecta Desmaison was also the city lead for Lima in KNOW (Knowledge in Action for Urban Equality), an action-research project that explored, through co-production, how to reduce inequalities towards more just cities for all.

Arquitecta Desmaison holds a Master of Science in Building and Urban Design in Development from University College London and a B.A. in Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Human Geography at Durham University (UK).

Architect Patricia Llosa Bueno

Arquitecta Patricia Llosa Bueno is a founder of LLOSA CORTEGANA Arquitectos, where she collaborates with Rodolfo Cortenega. They founded the studio in 2005, after having worked independently for a few years. She graduated from the Ricardo Palma University in Lima and has a Master’s Degree from the Polytechnic University of Catalunya. She has been teaching since 2002 at the Pontifical Catholic University of Perú.

Arquitecta Llosa raises the practice as a space for professional reflection, carrying out multiple single-family housing projects, cultural, exhibition and especially educational buildings, among others.

She has been recognized with various national and international awards, including the Silver Hexagon at the XVII National Biennale of Architecture, Urbanism and Arts of Peru in 2016; Finalist in the MCHAP Award from the ITT College of Architecture in Chicago in 2016; First Prize at the XX Quito Architecture Biennale in 2016; and the ODA 2017 Prize, ArchDaily Work of the Year, in Santiago de Chile.

Recently Arquitecta Llosa published her first book, "The House is an Idea", in collaboration with José Luis Villanueva, a collection of reflections on single-family housing. Their research on the discipline has allowed them to present at various conferences both in Peru and abroad.

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