Tour: Washington Latin Public Charter School's Cross-Laminated Timber Gymnasium

Photo taken by MCN Build at the Grand Opening of the Martha C. Cutts Gym on 6/8/2016

Catch a glimpse inside the District's first Cross-Laminated Timber building! Washington Latin Public Charter School partnered with Perkins Eastman, demian\wilbur\architects, MCN Build, and Brailsford & Dunlavey to construct their new gym addition after finishing their main building modernization in the summer of 2013. Learn about the design challenges, construction opportunities, and logistical coordination it took to transform beautiful cross-laminated timber from Austria and Canada into this school's gym.

The choice of using cross-laminated timber stemmed from a desire to use sustainable materials and to creatively solve the costly problem of building this big box space. Tour the gymnasium with the architects, engineers, and construction managers who worked together to bring this vision into reality.

Organized by: AIA|DC Committee on Architecture for Education

After attending this course, participants will be able to: 
1. Identify the environmental benefits of utilizing cross-laminated timber for building projects as compared to concrete, masonry, or steel;
2. Determine how cross-laminated timber can be used in building projects while conforming to health and safety building codes;
3. Assess how the cross-laminated timber building process includes factory prefabrication, which means that less work needs to be done on the building site, reducing waste and shortening the construction schedule; and
4. Describe how cross-laminated timber lowers the energy used in construction, reduces heat loss during occupation by improving insulation and air tightness, and enhances the health and welfare of occupants by recalling connections to the natural environment.