Lunchtime Learning: Transform Your Sustainability with Natural Ester Fluids

Join AIA|DC and Cargill to learn about the architectural applications and sustainable benefits of natural ester-filled transformers compared to dry-type transformers and other liquid-filled transformers. Used for indoor, wind, solar, new and retrofill applications, natural ester-filled transformers can enhance sustainability priorities, particularly for LEED projects. Also, case studies highlight how other organizations have used natural ester-filled transformers to create increase load flexibility, improve fire safety, reduce raw material consumption and minimize their environmental impact.

Sponsored by: Cargill and the United Soybean Board

After attending this presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the primary characteristic differences between transformer insulating fluids such as natural ester, synthetic ester, mineral oil, and silicone;
  • Describe the key differences between dry-type transformers and natural ester-filled transformers, particularly in indoor applications;
  • Identify the appropriate IEEE and ASTM standards relevant to natural ester-filled transformers; and
  • List appropriate applications for LEED projects.